Tiger Weddings is the award-winning wedding design team for Encke Flowers – New Jersey’s oldest floral design business. We strive to honor the cultural diversity of our region. Whether your wedding vision is modest and down-to-earth or sleek and high style, we are ready to help you incorporate your values and singular vision into your wedding ceremony with style, grace and imagination.

According to Korean legend, Tiger Weddings make the sun shine during a summer downpour. While we cannot promise miracles with the weather on your wedding day, our wedding designers can make your entire wedding experience glow from the engagement party to the reception.

We are first and foremost artists, coming to the floral trade out of different design backgrounds (fashion and fine art). We bring a sculptural sensibility to our floral design work. We are also deeply involved in our community, understanding the importance of helping people celebrate their lives’ great events and rites of passage. We are privileged to participate in our community’s customs, their celebrations, courtships and reconciliations, illnesses and mourning. We genuinely enjoy the role we play in our customers’ lives, however fleeting or tangential. It has become a rare thing for artists to enjoy this kind of daily direct role in such intimate rituals.

Skyline Myoungie

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer is from Seoul, Korea. She was a designer in young women’s fashions for Korean GUESS before starting her own fashion design company. After coming to the US in 1999, Jennifer established herself in the floral design industry, purchasing Encke Flowers. In the twenty years since, she has earned a reputation as one of New Jersey’s elite floral designers.

Tim Blunk

Artist Tim Blunk joined Jennifer at Encke nearly 20 years ago. In addition to being a floral designer, Tim has worked as a curator and is now a professor of visual arts and gallery director at Bergen Community College.